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Our mission is
to democratize mobile payments
and financial services in Brazil

RecargaPay is the leading mobile payments app in Brazil. A fintech of day-to-day transactions that meets the needs of banked and unbanked people across the country, from consumer to SME to Large Enterprise.

We believe that everyone should have access to the benefits of mobile payments, so we are committed to democratizing these transactions, allowing their access to the whole of society.

We are looking for passionate people willing to embark on this adventure!


Get Shit Done

We believe that theory is nothing without practice. And plans are only good intentions if you don't work hard to make them happen. Therefore, when we need to solve a problem, we seek to materialize the ideas immediately. No matter what!

We have 4 values that guide us:

Owner mentality

  • Be responsible and proactive.
  • Do more with less.
  • Always act in an authentic, transparent and direct manner.
  • Take ownership of your projects and ideas to leave your mark.
  • Care less about titles, age, experience, gender or nationality and more about results - they are what make the difference for business!


  • Constantly challenge the status quo.
  • Be flexible and open to change.
  • Always put yourself in our customers’ place.
  • Remember: it is not the strongest or the most intelligent species that survives. It is the one most adaptable to change.


  • Excellence requires building good habits in the way of thinking, feeling and acting. To make a difference with passion and determination, remembering that done is better than perfect.
  • See every mistake as an opportunity to learn and view the feedback from our users as tips for improvement.
  • Take on big challenges and ambitious goals.
  • Do your best to deliver more and better.


  • Be curious with a focus on what really makes a difference to customers.
  • See beyond the obvious, proposing new ideas, formats and solutions.
  • Test new hypotheses with fast and constant interactions.
  • To innovate is not always to reinvent the wheel, unless there is no other alternative.

Think globally,
act locally.



Our Operations headquarter, with more than 220 RecargaPayers.


Our Product & Technology Center in Buenos Aires, is home to more than 80 professionals.


Miami is home to the next hot tech hub.


We are a company that believes in people.
And we pamper our employees too.

Check out what we got here:

Assistência Médica

Medical and dental assistance

You don't have to worry about co-participation fees. Here our RecargaPayers have access to excellent hospitals throughout Brazil, without worrying about discounts at the end of the month.

Seguro de vida

Life insurance

Because we know that your life is worth a lot <3

Vale Transporte

Transportation Voucher or Parking

We discount only 1 Real from it. Cool, right?

Vale Refeição

Flexible Meal voucher

What does it mean? You can choose how you want to spend your $$ in Lunch, Market, Pharmacy, Courses, Mobility, Education ... yes, lots of possibilities.



Healthy mind, healthy body.

Voucher Mensal RecargaPay

Money in your RecargaPay Wallet monthly

To pay for that one bill and still have cashback. And specially to tell us how we can improve even more.


Spanish lessons

¡Sí, acá trabajamos aprendiendo!


Up to 70% discount on English courses

Why not be trilingual?


Discount in Universities for Undergraduate, Graduate and MBA courses

Knowledge is never too much, is it?


No Dress-Code

Here you can be YOU!


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